About Us

Low KiloJoule Merchants

LKM was first founded by Louis Khumalo, the managing director, who possessed entrepreneurial skills since primary school. As he advanced in technical knowledge and skills, he became aware that people spent unnecessarily on electricity. In March 2016, he began sharing his concern of energy consumption, especially in residential areas, with his close friend, Lindokuhle Mdlalose, who possesed great interest in the concept of energy consumption. Thus, they were very enthusiastic to help people use electrical energy at a lowest possible cost. Furthermore, they came to learn that using less electrical energy means emitting fewer toxic gasses to our atmosphere. Thus, reducing carbon footprint.

The company was registered in September 2019 during the international protest on climate change. It was noted that coal powered electricity generation was one of the major causes for climate change. Therefore, this was a critical turning point for us since we had to consider the biggest culprits in household electrical energy consumption as well as employ practical ways in which we can reduce electricity demands from Eskom. We are a team of young people with very good educational background as well as solid practical experiences in electrical services. As a new company, we are very eager to learn more ways in which we can provide an answer to the “bill question.” In this way, we are also part of the mission to save our precious planet.


As energy is in demand in our country, our purpose is to help people save electricity as much as possible.
We employ ways and sell products that break the “bill” question.

OUR MISSION is to cure the sickness of unnecessary expenses in electricity consumption, consequently providing better savings for our customers.


  • Safety is our right-of-way.
  • We serve our customers with honour and respect.
  • We are a team not individuals.
  • We lay our full responsibilities in our services.