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The first step to killing your electricity bill is “cutting down on unnecessary power usage.” This can also be achieved by replacing our traditional incandescent light bulbs with high energy efficient lights, LEDS. LED lights have a life span that is about 3 times longer and use less than a quarter of energy consumed by incandescent bulbs. Therefore, you save up to 80% of your lighting energy by installing LED’S.


About 40% of your annual electricity bill originates from water heating. Thus, in order to reduce this uncomfortable bill in these tough economic crises, it is recommended to switch off your geyser when not in use. Nonetheless, it is mostly not possible to remember to switch your geyser on and off at the right time. Therefore, installing a geyser timer will help achieve the switching for you, conveniently, especially during peak hours.

Low KiloJoule Merchants


A recent study has revealed that you can save up to 37% of energy used to heat up your geyser by just insulating it. Therefore, saving you money on your monthly bill. Insulating your geyser as well as hot water pipes helps prevent heat from escaping to the environment, consequently, keeping water warm for longer. By reducing energy demand, you’re reducing the need to burn fossil fuels that emit harmful gases to our environment. Save energy, save money, save life!


Solar energy is renewable (regenerative) and cannot be depleted. Solar energy systems are consistent, require little maintenance, durable, unlimited and have a longer life span. Moreover, they have many health benefits as they do not emit greenhouse gases. Although it may seem expensive to buy and install them, they will save you lots of money in the long run. This is our future energy source! Thus, we advise you to invest in it and enjoy the benefits of being independent.